Our Story


A man once said that there are no straight lines: keep your faith and persevere. The story of Saraswatii Global Private, Limited is not unlike the wise man’s statement. Saraswatii’s story is about the dream of a man who never lost faith in his vision and never wavered from pursuing it. Like many big corporations, Saraswatii Global had a humble start. In the pink city of Jaipur, with only ten looms and a handful of weavers, Choudhary set out on his own path where none had previously existed. Initially it was hard; indeed, the roads were anything but smooth.

It wasn’t easy initially to create a market for hand knotted rugs when cheap machine-made rugs were easily available. Few importers abroad had interest, but as Saraswatii slowly grew, with a commitment to unsurpassed excellence, the market eventually opened for Choudhary and Saraswatii.

Today, Saraswatii Global is the premier rug house in India. Since beginning in 1986, Saraswatii has achieved many milestones which include gaining recognition as an “Export House” in 1995 and “Trading house” in year 1999 by the Indian Ministry of Commerce along with many accolades at international trade shows.

Saraswatii currently has production units in four states: Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Orissa, and Rajasthan. Saraswatii also has ambitious plans to expand in the near future. Through able leadership, a consistent vision, and perseverance, that has helped Saraswatii Global Private Limited. to attain such great heights. .

Saraswatii’s mission remains to produce quality hand-made rugs for both domestic and export purchase. Saraswatii Global is just getting started and looks forward to achieving many more milestones in the future.