As a vertically-integrated company, Saraswatii Global directly owns and controls the pillar facilities in rug production. Raw material sourcing and spinning (Bikaner), designing, dyeing, and finishing (Jaipur), are all regulated by Saraswatii’s expert team. As a result, Saraswatii is a brand synonymous with beauty and quality. Whether it be knotted, tufted, or woven, and whatever the fiber system, a buyer can rest easy in the fact that a premier floor covering has been purchased.

A snapshot of Saraswatii’s weaving infrastructure:


From their sourcing and spinning facility in Bikaner, raw materials like (wool and silk) are unpacked, sorted by quality and color, and prepared for further processing into yarn. Specific facilities are dedicated to machine-spun and hand-spun yarn. In the hand-spun facility, women work diligently to produce the various yarns used in Saraswatii’s entire library of award-winning rug designs.


Dyeing and Testing

SGPL features state-of-the-art dyeing and testing facilities as well. Housed within a single building adjacent to the dyeing and drying plant, colorists and chemists work with modern Swiss chromium dyes to create consistently beautiful color in each skein of yarn that is dyed. And with a keen focus on reducing their environmental footprint, SGPL has established a customized ETP plant in Jaipur. It ensures a pollution-free approach to quality dyeing and testing procedures. On the same property, separate warehouses are maintained for storing dyed and un-dyed yarn, as well as for protecting finished products from damage. The total wool dyeing capacity of SGPL is in excess of 221,000 pounds of yarn per month.

Design Department

The cutting-edge design team at Saraswatii Global is 22 members strong and occupies an entire floor at Saraswatii’s headquarters in Jaipur. Each member of the team uses industry-leading CAD software to create designs. Later, the same designers leverage their expertise in coloration to culminate in award-winning designs. Each design is scrutinized and examined before being sent to one of SGPL’s 5 giant plotters to make a “map.” It is this map that the weaver will use to ultimately construct a rug. The design team underscores Saraswatii’s unique abilities in the design and manufacture of custom rugs. Size, shape, and color can all be manipulated to a customer’s specification. Whether trendy, traditional, or somewhere in between, Saraswatii is an inspiration to current trends.

Carpet weaving looms

Roughly 2250 Saraswatii-owned looms are spread throughout several states, including Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Orissa and Rajasthan. More than 10,000 weavers work in these weaving looms, more than half of whom are women.


SGPL has several showrooms to showcase its breadth and depth of area rug production, in addition to a retail suite situated at the bottom of Nahargarh Fort in Jaipur. This prime location is easy to reach and is an attraction to local and tourist traffic alike. There are other showrooms, (also located at prime tourist attractions), showcasing quality products as well.

Other Facts

Saraswatii Global produced in excess of 1.4 million square feet of rugs in 2013.

There is a total of 2250 looms in the SGPL structure, 250 of them being situated in Alwar, Rajasthan, 150 in Sahaswan, UP, 900 in Dharampur, Gujarat, 100 in Orissa, 500 in Mirzapur and 450 in the rest of Rajasthan.